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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Just thought I'd share..

I was going through my pictures to try and find a new picture for the top of my blog. The picture I chose for the blog is probably my favorite flower/nature picture. But then I found others, I guess I would call them the top 5 of some pictures I have taken.

I don't know why, but this is absolutely one of my all-time favorite photos I have taken. I took 3 pictures of this owl. In the first one, I couldn't see the mouse at all. In the second one, you can see it under it's foot. And there's this one, which is pretty self explanatory. I didn't even realize it had a mouse in its mouth until I got home and uploaded my pictures from the day.

From her 4th birthday party. I love the look on her face. Happiest kid in the world right there.

Aside from taking pictures of people, I love taking nature pictures. Nature doesn't move around much, and it's always photogenic.

My favorite picture of him. His ears were always up and his eyes were so light in this picture.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Mac, my mom's border collie.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 and Finding my Optimism

2010, you were interesting. Actually, you were kind of boring, sorry. Some parts were fun, but mostly dull.
2011, you definitely started off with a bang! Not the best kind either. But I'm willing to look past it and not hold a grudge against you.
In 8 days, I will be surrounded by some of the people I love the most for 3 weeks, awesome right? In 2 months, I will be going on my very first solo vacation for my birthday, totally awesome! This year, my babies will be turning 5 and 2. Shannon starts Kindergarten in the fall! Husband will be reenlisting this year and is also up for E-6 at the end of the summer. So life gets tough sometimes, I just needed to find my big girl panties and suck it up!
I attempted the whole school thing fall semester of 2010 so I could get a degree and become a Physical Therapy Assistant. I couldn't find those same panties in time, let life get the best of me, and got way behind in my classes. I'm not going to lie either, Biology was almost traumatizing for me lol. You know what though, it was an eye-opening experience. I realized becoming a PTA probably isn't the best career choice for me, or much of anything else in the medical field.
One night I got to thinking about my passions in life, and what gets me excited. In a previous post, I wrote that my DREAM job would allow me to travel anywhere around the world, take amazing photographs, and write about the places and my experiences. So, why can't I do that? Someday I will see different places I have never been, I will never give up on that. I can write now, and more, maybe someday have that published book. Lastly, photography is a hobby of mine, I love it. I have a great camera which can help me learn how to use a SLR camera someday. I also looked into degrees and certificates at the local community college again and found they offer an Associate of Arts in Photography. I still have some thinking to do and decisions to make with the husband, but I am actually excited about this. Before, I wanted to go to school for a job I knew I could do anywhere in the US, no problem. But, I didn't think I would actually be happy with that career choice. Photography on the other hand, could remain a hobby and be a career. Anyway! Husband is hungry, so I should go remedy that. Until next time...