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Friday, January 2, 2009

I know I should just get over it, but...

I can't! I don't know if it's his work schedule or sleep schedule I am the most irritated over. He's been working 5pm-3am, but it's soon going to be changing to 9pm-7am. His sleep schedule used to be like 4am-2pm, before he left for Maryland a month ago. He came back and started sleeping like 7am-4-5pm. He even slept like this during his Christmas leave. With the most recent sleeping schedule, Shannon has either been going to bed later, or waking up at 1-4am just to spend time with daddy.
We had been talking about having a date night for about a week now and decided Friday, tonight, would be the best night for everyone. He was supposed to call his mom 2 days ago and ask if she could watch Shannon, never did. So, I woke him up briefly a few hours ago so I could call her and figure out a time. He still has yet to give me a time, just shouted and told me 5pm was too early and to basically just let him sleep. Then proceeded to tell me he is changing his sleeping schedule, yet again, for his new work schedule.
I never like talking ill about my husband or the discussions we have, but I am beyond irritated at this point. I just don't see why he can't change his schedule to spend more time with us!? He lays down a fat guilt trip on me every time I confront him about it too. So, am I just supposed to sit back and deal?? As a military wife I'm used to it, I'm used to going with the flow, I'm used to just sitting back and waiting. I don't know but to me, asking him to spend more conscious time with us does not seem unreasonable.