Team Beachbody!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Midnight is approaching..

I think I may have a way of getting out of this "funk." I have to keep myself as busy as I can possibly be. No more staying up and getting up late either. I'm finding myself thinking about entirely too much if I stay up late too. Mom is doing good, but I'm still terribly worried about her. But I will be with my family in exactly one month! So excited!

So, the girls and I have had the weirdest sinus issues lately. Shannon has had a hacking cough. Erin has had eye goobers and congestion. I have had congestion, itchy throat, watery, red eyes, and weird sinus headaches. My vertigo seemed to pick back up today too. Thinking of calling the doctor tomorrow if it doesn't seem better. I had the idea it was linked to the moldy hole in our hallway ceiling. Tomorrow I have full intentions of tidying up the bathrooms. I don't want to have any possible reason as to why mold should be accumulating or breeding in this apartment lol.

I just want to stick with the basics, then I want to go into full de-clutter mode. If I have to spend most of my time inside this winter, I don't want to stare at a mess. Especially since we will be here until at least August. Besides, the more I can possibly do, the better. Definitely want to keep my mind of stuff. Last night I couldn't fall asleep, then when I fell asleep, I couldn't stay asleep. I was worried about the girls. Then just kept thinking about my mom. I can't believe she has nothing, I don't have any idea of what she's going through.

Anyway, Erin is fussing. I will write more later, it helps get stuff off my chest and what not. Maybe this will help with some of my personal stuff.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

8 months!

My husband still totally surprises me sometimes! Anyway, before I get too ahead of myself.. My mom had the idea the other night of one weekend in July her and my step dad should do vow renewals, and Warren and I should too. She has little to no wedding pictures left, and I think it would be a great idea for them! Also, Warren and I never even had a wedding. We just jumped the gun and signed the certificate!

Last Saturday I called her in tears after my friend's wedding reception. It was so beautiful and simple, I loved it! I was on my way home and it hit me hard, I never had that father-daughter dance. And it killed me the rest of the weekend to even think about it! So, my mom thought it would be a great idea, and I could still get my dance with my step dad.

So, I brought up the idea to Warren. I also reminded him how we talked about doing something like this for our 5th anniversary shortly after we were married. Well, our 5th anniversary just happens to be this July. Anyway, he seemed kind of uninterested and kind of apprehensive to the idea. Today, he TOTALLY surprised me. Out of nowhere he tells me how his good friends are on board and ready for next July.

July 2010, in beautiful Lake Tahoe, I will finally have a small ceremony with some of our closest friends and at least my mom and dad. I'm SO excited! Seriously, it's going to be the best anniversary. Anyway, going to try to go to bed now, I have to be up in a little over 5 hours, ah!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm seriously in a funk, I need to get out of it. I try to leave the house as much as possible to keep me happy or whatever. Well, when I'm home, I do some chores, and cook dinner. But for the most part I'm wrapped up in the computer. Whether it be World of Warcraft or just something totally random.

I feel like a horrible parent, to Shannon mostly. Not feeling like too bad of a wife. He has clean clothes and food. But I haven't been going out of my way to do just about anything for anyone. Plus I have been shopping like a mad woman lately. Either I need new pants (which I kind of did) or I have been buying food I don't really need. I know it's going to catch up to me, one way or another.

Been having dreams about either my father or me just walking aimlessly in the house I grew up in. I have NO idea why. I wasn't even there for the fire, it's no longer "my house." But, it's torturing me.

I think part of my problem is technology. I wanna try going a weekend without logging onto the computer. I can check some stuff from my phone. But I need to just unplug my laptop and put it away for a weekend. I need to start with the basics, fix them, then move on. I need to clean my house and just spend some time with my husband and children. Especially Shannon! Poor kid has barely got any kind of normal conversation from me lately. I just keep getting constantly annoyed with her.

She's such a sweet kid and doesn't deserve it at all. She doesn't need a mom who is just trying to escape reality all the time. Omg, there is so much on my mind! This is probably just a whole cluster of sentences. I don't know, I just need some time for reflection, then I will update. I need to get out of this funk! I will check this again tomorrow, then decide if I'm anti technology or not. I will still have my cell around, so I will always take texts. I think it would help if I talked more. I've been avoiding just about everyone!

Monday, November 9, 2009

2 months is too long!

Wow! 2 months since my last post, I'm bad.

October was definitely interesting. Warren started at his new position in Draper. He loves it and he is so happy to be back on days. Now we are just hoping they will keep him at that location and not try to send him to either Ogden or Orem. Besides that, there really wasn't much new with us in October. Halloween was a blast! Erin was a zebra and Shannon was a princess. (I will post pictures when I can find my camera!) So, those were the high points to the month.

Sadly, the parts of October that really stick out to me are not so great. In the middle of October, my father-in-law crashed on I-215 when he was coming back from a hunting trip. Totalled his truck and trailer. The trailer got loose and flipped the truck upside-down on top of the barrier, but it ended up on the road, still upside-down. Luckily, he walked away perfectly fine. He just had some neck pains, but that was all. He still looks a little stiff, but hey, who wouldn't after a wreck like that?!

The second event was my parent's house burning down. ( That has seemed to have us all thrown for a loop! It's been 2 weeks now since it happened, and my mom is doing WAY better than I thought she would at this point. Soon, they will have a brand new truck and new mobile home on the property. So excited for them! I am SO in love with the new kitchen. It has a "bar" like the old one had and an island! So jealous, but so happy that my mom finally gets an island in her kitchen. Their bedroom will also have a little room attached to it. I think it would be a perfect room for a chaise lounge and a few good books. But for now, they want to make it easily accessible for a place for the grandkids to sleep. So thoughtful of them, they really are amazing (grand)parents.

Anyway! I will update again later, I promise. I have been playing ENTIRELY too much World of Warcraft. So what? I'm a geek, and I'm proud of it! I am starving here and there are sloppy joes on the stove with my name on 'em!