Team Beachbody!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It has been exactly a year since I found out we were going to be bringing our lovely miss Erin into the world. She is such a wonderful and happy baby. I love having her as a snuggling partner every night. I am so blessed to have this little girl part of our family. As to whether or not she is the one to complete our little family, I still have no idea. Somedays I say yes and some I say no. I LOVE being a mommy to 2 girls though, 2 May babies! They are so alike yet so different at the same time. I am SO lucky to be the mommy of Shannon and Erin.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Today was Shannon's first day of Preschool. She loved it!! Sorry, the pictures are in reverse order. Still trying to get the hang of this thing! Anyway, she was quite anxious to start and was not sad to see me go. But, when I picked her up, she couldn't get to me soon enough to show me her pictures. I'm so excited for her. She seemed to love it. Thursday they are going to have a "Teddy Bear picnic" and she gets to bring in her favorite stuffed animal. Then, they all have a picnic in the back of the school.
We also found out today, Warren got the job he applied for! It's still with the Guard, but just not on the base. I'm excited for him. It will be nice to have him working days again. He will probably be starting after the 1st of next month. I'm just happy for both my big girl and my amazing husband!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I hate that it's only Wednesday. This week is just dragging by, but maybe that's a good thing. Next week is going to be pretty intense for us. Shannon starts her preschool Tuesday. It's 2.5 hours a day on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She's so excited. She had the open house/back to school night for it tonight. We kind of rushed through things, she wanted to get out and play, so I didn't get to take any pictures. Warren even came tonight. He even dressed up, meaning he put on a polo shirt. It was a nice day.
Anyway, I really don't know what to write about. Erin is starting to be grumpy anyway. So, maybe I will try again tomorrow!