Team Beachbody!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Me (on the right) and my home slice.

I thought some of that stuff was funny.
Going to bed now!

The chaos has come and went, maybe

This has been one of the busiest weeks of the year! So much has happened and new beginnings have started. Here goes:
Flashback to last Wednesday. I was finally able to hear whether or not I got the new job. For those who didn't know, I had an interview at Victoria's Secret. So, last Wednesday I received good news about my newest employment! Wednesday was pretty relaxed.
Thursday Shannon had her two-year check up. All is well, 90th percentile across the board! My two year old is a hair over 35 inches and right around 30 lbs! My mom and grandma also arrived that day to start the birthday celebration.
Friday was a day of shopping and outings with my mom and grandma. Got new work clothes and Shannon got new shoes, size 7 I might add. My mom watched Shannon Friday night to give the hubby and I a night to ourselves. So, we went to dinner and saw the new Indiana Jones movie. The night was awesome.
Saturday was the big day! Shannon turned 2! We had a bbq with our close friends and family. I made her cake and she opened presents. She was pooped from all the excitement and fell asleep a little after 8.
Sunday my family left and I nearly cried, haha. I really had a lot of fun with them. Monday was also just another day to relax. I worked for a few hours.
Anyway, this is enough for now. I have another pile of laundry to fold and more dishes to do. Who doesn't love spring cleaning? *Points to self* Adios ya'll!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Come up with your own title I guess...

Haven't written in a while. Been relatively busy, not physically though. My mind has been in constant overdrive lately. It has been happening a lot more frequently than before. For the record, I am happy, really I am. So, don't think I am just putting on a smiley face so I don't have to talk about what's really going on.
I don't really want to talk to people about everything running through my head.
A) There isn't much to talk about
B) I'd rather just figure it out on my own, for the most part.
I have felt inadequate lately and kind of like I'm slipping. Some days I feel like I'm going to slip so far, there will be no one to catch me. I have had almost ZERO motivation to do anything. And come on, I should have all the motivation in the world, right? I don't HAVE to work, and I get to stay home with an amazing little girl. I have let some things go so far and pile up, having zero motivation makes me completely overwhelmed.
At the same time, this last week has been the week from hell for me, especially yesterday. I'm not going to go into a long discussion about it, because if you know me, you know why yesterday is bad for me. I am working on it, belive me, I am. But, apparently, my efforts haven't been good enough.
Alright, done being all "emo" on myself. Shannon's birthday is coming up! She's going to be two, it's crazy. So, I have to get everything ready for my mom and grandma to visit. Anyway, I think this is enough self loathing for tonight! TTFN!