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Friday, August 10, 2012

Glutton For Punishment

Well, I am!  Today I completed day 2 of TurboFire.  It's the first of many days on a course to a better me.  I forgot how much fun the workouts are, and how much I love them.  Seriously though, as the title says, I must be a real glutton for punishment.  I'm sore from my ankles to my neck.  I want more!  I'm back to being my old self, a workout/activity junkie. 

Tomorrow is my first rest day in week 1 of 9 in TurboFire.  But I'm going to spend the morning of my rest day at the gym hitting tennis balls.  TOTALLY excited for that.  I haven't participated in any kind of sport since 2004/2005.  Tomorrow morning the man who set up my membership is going to hit some balls in my direction and give me a rating.  Once I have a rating, I can find a group to play with, I hope!  Looking for a nice physical activity and hopefully I can meet some new people! 

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