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Thursday, November 1, 2012

4 more days

I keep posting it on Facebook, but feel I'm beating a dead horse.  

I'm SO over this election nonsense.  Obviously you vote for the candidate on a personal level of some sort, whether it's social, moral, spiritual, economic, etc. etc. reason.  Either that or you just choose "the lesser of two evils."  This is my second major election and proving to be my second difficult election.  Being a Libertarian, I find positive things in both presidential candidates, but I find negative things as well.  Whether you care to agree or not, given the circumstances, I believe Obama has really tried.  Which, that's all a man can do, correct?  I will give him credit for that.  He appeals to me on a certain social level.  Unfortunately, I find the social issues will not save our country.  So, the fiscal conservative in me sees Romney as the type who may be able to fix things.  Now, I don't expect anyone any time soon to actually fix our economy.  It's so incredibly broken.  Sometimes I wonder if our country/government just needs a complete "redo."  

Back to voting for a candidate on a personal level.. Another reason I would vote for Romney.  I feel Obama has not listened to the voices of everyone.  Granted, how is a single president supposed to listen to the voices of every citizen in the country.  How is a God going to listen to every single prayer or request of the human race?  On that personal level, I feel Romney would be better for our nation's military.  I'm not meaning planes and weapons here, I'm talking about the actual people of our armed forces.  Really, in all honesty, I would vote for Ron Paul if he stood a chance, but unfortunately he doesn't.  I tend to feel Bush understood the needs of our service members and their families (or even the veterans and retirees) because he did serve in the military.  Yes, I know Romney didn't, but I do think it should be a requirement in order to run for president.  

Needless to say, I cannot wait for election day.  I can't wait for this madness to end.  With social media and an election season the truly ugly or ignorant sides of people do come out from time to time.  And I don't mean everyone.  There are a very SELECT few and most have already been removed from my news feed.  

Anyway, you can take whatever you want from this post.  But remember it is MY opinion and I'm not looking for a debate (and not just because I feel I may be wrong either), but because it is my opinion and I'm at least entitled to that.  

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